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What is Cat Skiing?

Cat Skiing is a fairly new concept that was brought to life over 30 years ago. Alan and Brenda Drury were on a ski holiday in British Columbia when passing by the ski hill grooming machines, an idea hit them that would soon change their lives and many others. They could turn the grooming machines into an amazing tool for accessing incredible powder in the backcountry, and they did. Cat skiing has grown significantly since then with operations in the US, Canada, Chile, and New Zealand.

A typical Cat Skiing cabin holds 10-12 people, sometimes up to 14. The cabins are heated, comfortable, and often become a wonderful platform for conversation amongst the guests. At the top of the ascent all ski gear is unloaded and you will begin your powder-filled run. While you’re carving your own lines with the assured safety of a certified lead guide and tail guide, the cat is making its way back down to greet you with warmth and hot cocoa and the process is repeated. An average day is anywhere between 8-14 runs. With the improvements in technology over the last 10 years, cat skiing now rivals heli skiing in both quantity and quality of skiing backcountry powder. With the ability to gain steeper grades and access more terrain, we are able to drop you off at the peak and keep you skiing all day.